Containers & Trays

Packaging Direct has a large range of disposable food containers and trays. Our range includes environmentally friendly products as well as quality disposable plastic containers and trays.

3mm x 150mm Bamboo Skewers


3mm x 200mm Bamboo Skewers


3mm x 250mm Bamboo Skewers


12cm Bamboo Knotted Skewers


12cm Bamboo Paddle Skewer


18cm Paddle Bamboo Skewer


Large Carry Pack 254x152x102mm


Dagwood Dog Sticks


15cm Knotted Bamboo Skewer


8cm Bamboo Knotted Skewers


Ex-Large Carry Pack - Pack of 5


D5440-Med Carry Pack 220x115x114mm


Kid's Meal Box Teddy Bears 8/Pk


Blue Kid's Meal Box (Pack of 8)


Kid's Meal Box Dinosaur 8/Pk


Red Pearl Tip Bamboo Skewer


Wooden Chopsticks


No 3 White Eco Food Trays

No 3 White Eco Food Trays - Packaging Direct


Kid's Meal Box Fairies 8/Pk


Kid's Meal Box Garden 8/Pk


Kid's Meal Box Jungle Lion Mix 8/Pk


Space Kid's Meal Box 8/pk


Kid's Meal Box Pink 8/Pk


Kid's Meal Box Soccer 8/Pk


Kid's Meal Box Treasure Chest 8/Pk


Kid's Meal Box Under the Sea 8/Pk


Kid's Meal Box White 8/Pk


Wild Life Kid's Meal Box 8/pk


Kids Meal Tray Fun & Sun Boat 8/Pk


Kids Meal Tray Pink Cadillac 8/Pk


Kids Meal Tray Pirate 8/Pk


16oz Noodle Box 25 per Pack


16oz Noodle Box with Wire Handle


26oz Noodle Box 79x66x103mm


26oz Noodle Box with Wire Handle


8oz Noodle Box 62x46x66mm Pack of 25


8oz Noodle Box with Wire Handle


Oval Platter Small Black (28x39cm)


Small White Oval Platter (28x39cm)


Small Black Bowl


Small White Bowls


Large Black/White Bowl PWT4


Round 6 Part Platter


PWT7 - 6 inch Bowl Black/White


Black Large Oval Platter (35x47cm)


Oval Platter Large White (35x47cm)


Toothpick with Frill 100mm 100/Pk


Double Ended Wooden Toothpicks