Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene bags are good value for money and a great alternative to Cello bags as they are less expensive.  They have a soft feel and can be sealed with a standard heat sealer and are available in a range of sizes or we have a range that come with resealable tape. 

Poly Prop 100 x 150mm Pack of 100


PolyProp 125 x 200mm Pack of 100


120x180+30mm Reseal PolyProp Bag Pack of 100


130x200+35mm Reseal PolyProp Bag 100/Pack


145x75mm Clear Poly Prop Bags Carton of 1,000


PolyProp 160 x 250mm Pack of 100


Poly Prop Bag 180 x 300mm - 50um Pack of 100


230x100x50mm Poly Prop Satchel Bag Pack 100


230x330+35mm Reseal Poly Prop Bag 50/Pack


290x146x63mm Poly Prop Bag Pack of 100


300x100x50mm Poly Prop Satchel Bag Pack 100


90x160+30mm Reseal PolyProp Bag 100/Pack


350x510+38mm Reseal Poly Prop Bag 100/Pack