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Eco-Friendly Cups: Takeaway Cups

If you’re needing a larger supply of eco-friendly cups or takeaway cups, make an environmentally-safe choice by ordering Eco-Friendly Cups from Packaging Direct! We carry a variety of enviro cups ideal for any situation. Our range includes, clear PLA cups, coffee cups, paper cups, coffee cup lids, drink trays and cup holders. Our Eco-Friendly Cups are just as reliable as traditional non-recyclable cups; they are strong, retain heat without burning the hand plus they are made from plant based materials making them compostable.

Our range of takeaway coffee cups in bulk are perfect for your Cafe or Restaurant because you can stock up as you need them reducing costs and the space they take up in your shop. 

Reduce environmental impact in Australia by making the switch to Packaging Direct Eco-Friendly Disposable Cups.