Brown Bags

These classic bags are our environmental best sellers. Made from high strength paper material and utilizing twisted paper handles, these "bags of steel" are so tough that 2 people pulling from both ends would find it difficult to tear them apart. Our factory uses 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper from managed forests.

#16 Brown B/Bottom Paper Bag 250/Pk


Large Brown Block Bottom Bag 250/Pk


1 Flat Brown Paper Bags140x185mm


2 Flat Brown Paper Bag 165x235mm


1 Square Brown Paper Bag165x185mm


2 Square Brown Paper Bag 200x200mm


3 Flat Brown Paper Bags 500/Pk


4 Flat Brown Paper Bag 235x265mm


6 Flat Brown Paper Bag 235x335mm


8 Flat Brown Paper Bag 270x335mm


No 12 Brown SOS Bag (334x178x112mm)


No 1 Brown Paper Satchel Bag Pk500


No 2 Brown Paper Satchel 115x50x235


No 4 Brown Paper Satchel 133x70x295


Brown Satchel Ptd "Mushroom" Pk 250