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Large Latex Gloves 100/Pack

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Food Preparation

Latex food service gloves provide a better, more snug fit compared to more flimsy disposable poly gloves. Although thicker, this snug fit allows for better overall tactile sensitivity which makes latex food service gloves ideal for any task in the kitchen, in particular slicing meats, cutting and chopping produce, etc... Disposable latex food service gloves should be used consistently as materials flow through the kitchen, to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause a variety of foodborne illnesses, through cross contamination.

First Aid / Medical


Latex exam gloves are the most popular disposable gloves used in the medical field due to their high tactile sensitivity and great rip and tear resistance. Latex exam gloves provide exceptional protection against infection and contamination where contact with blood and bodily fluids is unavoidable. For the general public, you’ll often find a pack of latex exam gloves as a component in first aid kits.