Wooden Skewers

Bamboo Tooth Pick Knotted 15cm 100/Pack


Bamboo Tooth Pick Knotted 12cm 100 per Pack


Bamboo Tooth Pick Knotted 8cm 100 per Pack


Bamboo Golf Skewer 12cm 100/Pack


Bamboo Golf Skewer 18cm with Handle 100/Pack


12cm Bamboo Red & Black Pearl Tip Skewer 1...


Double Ended Wooden Toothpicks - 1000 Per...


Double Ended Wooden Toothpicks With Holder...


Toothpick with Frill 100mm 100/Pk


Toothpick with Frill 70mm 100/Pk


Bamboo Golf Skewer 15cm with Handle Pack o...


Bamboo Skewers 3mm x 150mm Pk100


Bamboo Skewers 3mm x 200mm Pk100


Bamboo Skewers 3 x 250mm (100)


Bamboo Skewer 3x250mm 500/Pk


Bamboo Skewer 4mm x 250mm (Pk100)